Matt | North Haven

February-17-2020 Bark busters rating

Since Jane's visit we have seen a huge improvement in our dog's behaviour around our toddler. Where before it was a constant source of anxiety, our Blaze now knows what we expect of him and is a much calmer and happier dog. It is a work in progress at 3 weeks, but at this stage we couldn't thank Jane enough for her training techniques and know how.


Marilyn | Encounter Bay

February-10-2020 Bark busters rating

Jane was fantastic from the minute she walked in the door. In less than 30 minutes she had shown me how to settle an over-exuberant 40 kg Doberman (Sophie) and walk her on a loose lead, plus providing other advice on managing my beautiful dog. Can't thank Jane enough for all her help and guidance. She clearly saw what was needed to get us on track. Still a little way to go but know that we will get there. Thanks heaps Jane.

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January-13-2020 Bark busters rating

Jane is fantastic, she helped me to be more confident in training Jax. Jane suggested changing Jax's food to help calm him down and it worked, she taught both Jax and I to understand and respect each other. Jax and I still have more training to do, but its good to know that if we run into any trouble Jane is always a call away to help us get on the right track. I will highly recommend Jane and Bark Busters to all my family and friends who need help training their furbabies.

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Jade | Munno para west

January-12-2020 Bark busters rating

Jane has been great from the start! We are still (always) working with Zeus to be the best leaders we can and so far have seen huge improvements in his behaviour. Once couldn't stop jumping on visitors or pulling on the lead & very reactive to other dogs. Now much better behaved for visitors and with more work will be even better. Walking is a pleasure when it was once a headache. Enjoying more activities and outings because we are working better together and he is more relaxed around strange dogs. Jane explained the training methods clearly and answered any questions we had. She was patient with us and guided us to lead correctly and not overthink the techniques while she also had a few jokes and kept things light and easy. Also gave great advice on the diet to help with Zeus' energy levels and health. Can't wait to touch base with her as we grow as a family to keep her updated on his progress.

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Denise | Athol Park

December-31-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane has been absolutely wonderful. She explained things clearly and pointed out things for us to work on and showed us why things weren’t working. She outlined simply the reason why the things she was teaching would work and why things hadn’t been working. It was very interesting to see the difference in my dogs when Jane visited to practice the bark busters methods. It's amazing how things we thought couldn’t be fixed are now something we can handle. We have 3 dogs and this is now manageable with Jane's help. We have two sisters who have had to be separated but would always fight through the fence almost every day. Since Jane has been working with us, we’ve only had two fights in a matter of 4 months and a big change in their behaviour in general. Jane loves dogs and they respect her. It was great to see the difference respect makes with how they listen. What’s great is not only the training but knowing Bark Busters are on call for anything that pops up . Thanks Jane - highly recommend :)

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Jude | Hayborough

December-12-2019 Bark busters rating

After our first lesson with Jane, Daisy was a different dog. She was relaxed, calm and eager to learn. Jane is truly amazing, her knowledge and understanding are the best. I am much more confident when walking Daisy. I can’t thank Jane enough. I would be lost without her.


Melissa | Munno Para West

December-03-2019 Bark busters rating

We have had two lessons with Jane. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is so patient and treats both Kaiser, Matt and I with the utmost respect. She constantly reassured me that she is only a call or email away. She never tries to hurry me up and has always made sure I was comfortable with the training and what we have learnt before she leaves. She has never rushed Kaiser and let him learn at his own pace. So glad that I made the initial enquiry and given Jane as the trainer.

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Abbey | Adelaide

November-18-2019 Bark busters rating

Before Bark Busters Turbo used to run the house. He used to jump, dig and even have some aggression towards people. With the help of Jane, we have been able to get Turbo to sit and wait when people come over and walk on a lead with no issues. Even though turbo is not perfect and tests us some days, Jane is always there to pass on advice. We now are the pack leaders and our lives are so much better. Thanks Jane.

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November-17-2019 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters have been an amazing! Especially Jane, she's been fantastic. She was willing to book our first lesson on the weekend due to my work schedule and when Jane first met Mya, she knew exactly how to respond to Mya's anxiety and barking. Jane gave us the guidance and steps to take in order for Mya to be a happier, healthier dog! Which she has. Thank you so so much Jane!!


Melissa | Munno Para West

October-25-2019 Bark busters rating

I was completely amazed that by using body language, commands and pitch of voice that our dog listened to what was required of him. I was amazed that with constant repeat of request to stay, stopped him from running to the front door and out the door as he would normally do. Everything was explained really well and not once did Jane make us feel like we had failed. In fact, it was the complete opposite. She reassured us we did not have a bad dog. Just a dog who we have let be leader of the pack and who is now being positively retrained into knowing we are the leaders of the pack.

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Phil | Adelaide

October-10-2019 Bark busters rating

Thank you so much Jane. Our 3yo German Spitz has always had separation anxiety and we could never leave him at home as he would keep barking until we returned. Living in an apartment meant he either came with us or had to go to kennels/daycare. After the first session, Boombie has started to get it...we will come home even if he does not bark!!!! The tips and strategies you gave us were simple but effective and hopefully my wife and I can now look forward to going shopping together again!!

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Riannon | Panorama

October-07-2019 Bark busters rating

To see an improvement so quickly was absolutely amazing. We are also extremely happy with what we have learnt about why she behaves the way she does. I’m very much looking forward to where Leksi is heading.

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Robert | Willaston

October-06-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was a delight to have in our home and was able to listen carefully to our concerns and quickly get the measure of us and our dog Ellie. Jane has such a kind and insightful way with all of us and gives practical and effective explanations to explain unhelpful behaviours and provided several strategies to bring about change. Our old girl has improved on her walks (not pulling on the lead), is behaved during meal times and when guests arrive, and the modification on the doggy flap recommended by Jane has eased Ellie's apprehension. Jane spoke to each of us and the teenage children and was happy to patiently answer any questions and demonstrate best ways of responding to Ellie. We are very pleased and won't hesitate to contact Jane for any further questions or support.

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Jenny | Mawson Lakes

September-30-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane your sessions have been so helpful. Yesterday’s session saw Lula turn a corner in terms of “ getting it” and of course me understanding her. I followed everything and she got her collar on, went outside and stayed instead of racing in after I spent time with her and is just very settled today coming to me upon request. She even went into her sleeping area at one stage which she hasn’t done by choice so I’m thinking she’s relaxed. I still feel she tries to train me while I’m testing her but we are getting there! She was also the best I’ve ever seen on her walk, just walked! No pushing, pulling etc! Thank you

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Aleka | Woodville west

September-25-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was very thorough with explaining to me how to help my dogs behave. Thoughtful and motivating. I look forward to more training in the next couple of weeks. Thank you Jane

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Elsa | Malvern

September-20-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was great. She’s calm, direct and patient with lots of great tips and lots of common sense! I would recommend her to anyone who needs some help with their furbaby.

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Bree | Prospect

September-20-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was amazing with Baxter from the moment she arrived. I noticed behavioural changes within the first 5 minutes and a much happier puppy. To not hear his continuous barking is amazing.

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Karen | North Beach

September-19-2019 Bark busters rating

I found Jane to be very helpful and we had jasper responding to sit and wait and walking correctly on the lead in the first session. I would recommend these sessions to any one.

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Bec | 5095

September-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane is brilliant! Within the first half an hour I was seeing huge improvements in Sonny. She gives clear, easy to follow direction. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is frustrated with lack of results from group training/obedience sessions!

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Linja | Happy Valley

September-13-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was amazing, she took the time to understand not only Watson but the whole family dynamic and how we need him to fit in. The demonstrations of how we need to work with Watson were great and time taken to ensure that WE understood how to make a difference. Watson picked it up beautifully and we can see huge improvement in the first session. Thanks Jane.


Kristy | Salisbury East

August-30-2019 Bark busters rating

I refer to Jane as 'The dog whisperer' to my family and friends. I rang Jane as a last resort before putting my dogs down, as I felt they were dangerous to my young children. Jane helped me to see the dogs were fine, it was just the lack of training. The difference in our dogs in just the first 5 minutes of the training was amazing! I highly recommend Jane to anyone with dog trouble.

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jaime | adelaide

July-30-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane is awesome!! Chase is the first dog that I have had the responsibility of and to be honest I didn't really know where to start. Chase had done two puppy schools and he was a very hyper and out of control dog. Jane showed me the correct techniques to help me and Chase. I can now take Chase on walks and we have a better relationship because he knows that I expect certain behaviours now. Jane has also given me more confidence with Chase. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone and everyone.

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Gianluca | Fitzroy

July-18-2019 Bark busters rating

When we contacted Bark Busters, we were at our wit's end with our new rescue kelpie, Eva - incessant barking and limitless energy that nothing seemed to satisfy. Jane completely transformed our girl. She used to bark non-stop between the hours of 4:30-9pm and after using Jane's tools and strategies, she hardly says a word. Jane gave us the confidence to train our puppy and teach her how to be part of our family. Eternally grateful!



July-15-2019 Bark busters rating

From the first moment I met Jane I felt really comfortable with her. She explained things really well, listened to everything I had to say and showed ways to settle down my 11 month old Cavoodle puppy. Also explained how important it was for me to be the boss - not Archie. Each lesson has been enjoyable because Jane is so calm.and teaches you that also. Can't thank you enough Jane.

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Maddie | Seaford

July-07-2019 Bark busters rating

We contacted Bark Busters as we were having trouble controlling our large Staffy. We struggled with everything including walking him, jumping on the fence, jumping up on doors, and also his anxiety around other dogs. We had Jane come over for a few hours on a Sunday, and she gave us advice we have never been given before. Every other dog trainer always say the same things and it never works. Jane's unique approach is exactly what we needed and we saw a huge difference in our dogs behaviour even after the first training session. Whilst we still have a long way to go, we are much happier and a lot less stressed. Going for walks is becoming so much more relaxing as our dog is finally listening to us! Changing our dogs diet has also made a huge difference and he is loving his new food. We definitely couldn't have done this without Jane and we are so grateful! We would not hesitate in recommending Jane to all of our family and friends and we have already done so. Thank you so much :)

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Liz | Adelaide

June-30-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane has been amazing. A true life doggy Mary Poppins. With a spit spot and a tablespoon of Baaaah Cara has been whipped into shape. Jane will always be a member of our little family and it is always good to know she will pop in and sort us out. Cara, our little labradoodle is an absolute pleasure and it's all down to Jane. Who you gonna call....? Bark busters!! 🐾🐾🐾

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Courtney | Kadina

June-04-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was great in helping us understand our 2 GSPs behaviour and how to use body language and our voices to communicate with them. She was also very helpful in explaining to us the relationship between the two dogs - with the female being the pack leader and the male basically doing what he was told by the female. We are thrilled with the way the two dogs can now walk calmly on a lead without pulling. Taking them for a walk was not a pleasant experience before Jane helped us and it was near impossible for one person to walk the two dogs - now they calmly walk next to each other, making walks very enjoyable. We highly recommend Jane's services!

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Sandra | Adelaide

May-17-2019 Bark busters rating

Highly recommend Jane with Bark Busters! Our little girl was getting out of control. Constantly barking, biting, jumping up on everybody, wouldn't come to her name, it was a chase to pick her up, and grrrr under our feet in the kitchen and she had shredded our curtains from jumping at the window barking. Yes. our little girl was taking over and destroying our home. Desperate my husband called Bark Busters and we had Jane over to meet our little girl. Unbelievable in the first visit we were shown new ways to get back our control and have not looked back. Continuing with the training Jane taught us we have made huge progress. Two weeks later Jane returned to help us with some other issues like going in the car. Jane arrived and I had to hug her as we now have a little girl whom we're so proud of that's not creating chaos thanks to Bark Busters. We can not recommend this service highly enough with the results being proven in such a short time. Thank you Jane xx

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Liam | Sellicks Beach

May-14-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was great and gave me fantastic tips on helping with Luna. She trained us both. Would recommend her to anyone looking for some help with their dog.

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sunny | Largs north

May-14-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was very helpful. Within two hours with the tips and training Jane gave us, we had our dog Bruno walking next to us. We would recommended Jane to anyone.


Rhonda | Macclesfield

April-19-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane has been an enormous help with Molly who has the loudest most piercing bark that you've ever heard. Since Jane came and spent a couple of hours with us, Molly's barking has diminished so much which makes life much more pleasant for Molly and me. Molly has become quite a different dog, much calmer. She's also learnt that she's not "the Boss!" I should have contacted Jane a long time ago. Many, many thanks Jane. Cheers Rhonda and Molly.


Cassandra | Hawthorn

April-17-2019 Bark busters rating

As first time dog owners we have very much appreciated Jane's help to give our 9 month old puppy boundaries and house rules to live by. She has taught us how to speak dog and given us techniques so that we can help Eddie to behave well in our home. No longer do we have a dog that jumps up, barks to get what he wants and dictates the routines. We now have a calmer, more obedient dog who is a joy to be around. It is also reassuring to know that we can call Jane back at anytime to work on any newly identified issues. Jane has been great with all of the members of our family to ensure that they are all confident with dealing with Eddie. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jane and the Bark busters way. Jane is patient, calm, encouraging and able to read situations to produce positive outcomes. Thank you for restoring peace and harmony to our home and family!

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Michelle | Malvern

April-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was fantastic and she helped us so much - we saw a different dog from the first session. My 2-year-old kelpie was a rescue dog and came without much history of behaviour control or boundaries, and appeared unfamiliarity with streets, leashes, traffic, people. Jane helped us to understand how to put boundaries in place to shape a quieter more attentive dog, how to manage separation anxiety, and how to have her walk comfortably on leash. Throughout it all she was warm, caring, and gentle with Ginja. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jane!

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Leonie | Merriton

April-11-2019 Bark busters rating

We are so thrilled with our Bark Busters trainer Jane and the wonders she has worked with our GSP Sascha. It’s just beautiful to see Sascha respond and want to learn and please.


Eliza | Adelaide

April-10-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane was great, she knew exactly how to tame all of Alfie's bad behaviours. It was a lot more simple than I thought it would be which made it achievable to fix in a short period. She made us understand why he's doing the things he is and how to manage them before it escalates. Very happy.

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Ann and Jamie | Angle Vale

March-03-2019 Bark busters rating

We are very pleased with the training we received from Jane, Oscar's behaviour has improved immensely. We have had another animal behaviourist here before and while he was OK, we have had a much better result with Jane. Jane has only been here twice and he is like a different dog. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone.

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Brodie | Port Pirie

January-31-2019 Bark busters rating

From our very first phone call, Jane has gone above and beyond to be helpful and supportive. It has been a"hassle free" process getting our fur child back on track, could not recommend her enough to anyone experiencing difficulties with their fur children. We had our doubts prior to our first appointment on whether our little boy would be able to get his head around the process and commit to what Jane had in store for him, but boy were we wrong! Jane was calm, patient and extremely helpful in showing us the techniques and teaching us lifestyle alterations (such as food choices, etc) to help us with our little boy. We instantly saw changes in Max!! We are extremely grateful for everything Jane has done for our family, we now feel confident and as though we are on the right path to having a great understanding of how to communicate with our fur child. It makes the process so much more relaxed knowing Jane is only a phone call away if the path ever gets a little bumpy again.. Thanks again Jane!!

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Courtney | Seaview Downs

January-22-2019 Bark busters rating

We are beyond thrilled with the difference that the Bark Busters training techniques have made to ours and our dogs lives! Jane's friendly and relaxed demeanor from the moment she walked through our door put us immediately at ease. By the end of the first session with Jane's understanding and thorough communication (both to us and the dogs) we were armed with new knowledge, confidence and techniques to practice. Within 3 days of implementation and on the busiest day of the year, Christmas at our house, our new skills were put to the test. We were BLOWN AWAY, it was as though we had completely different dogs. We were in control, and they were calm, relaxed and the experience was completely different to what it has been in the past. Full testament to Jane, her knowledge and ability to educate owners on how to achieve the best relationship between person and pooch, we could not recommend her highly enough! Do not hesitate to invest in Bark Busters, you will not be disappointed!


Marilynn and Iain | Aldinga

January-02-2019 Bark busters rating

Jane's approach is very reassuring - her focus has been on what we are doing well and then on providing strategies and encouragement on areas we are not so sure about. Jane shows how very skilful and experienced she is in each interaction. In the 3 weeks since the first training, our puppy is much calmer and less anxious and her random barking has reduced. Using the "bah" sound and occasional clapping and spray bottle use has had the promised effect. We are delighted and happily recommend Jane and the Bark Busters approach.

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Jarrad | Glenelg

November-12-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane was amazing, from the minute she came in, Winston was like a different dog. He has stopped jumping up at guests, barking at the tv and pulling on the lead. He is also a lot calmer.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Kristy | Seacliff Park

November-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane is an absolute natural. From the moment she steps in the door she can read our dog and what he needs. Her training and tips are super useful. We have been super grateful of the lifetime support package as Jane has been out to follow up Boston's training. It has surprised me how easily trained he is with Jane! He responds so well. Now that we have a baby on the way, Jane has revisited and given us confidence to get Boston ready for his little sister to arrive. We've had practical ideas to prepare him and Jane as asked that we invite her back once the baby is on the move to give us further tips.

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Carly | Angle Vale

October-16-2018 Bark busters rating

No words can describe how much Jane from Bark busters has helped us. We were under the impression that our blue heeler would be 'easy to train' however it turned out that she was just too smart for her own boots and was very good at controlling her owners! We had moved 3 houses in 6 months and during this time it had impacted Indy in many ways. Jane put into place exercises, tips and tricks in order to control Indy's nuisance barking, jumping on visitors, loose lead walking, recall, controlling her energy levels (who knew diet had SO much to do with how she behaved), roaming and not settling down inside, digging, chasing bikes and lawn mowers plus much more. Indy never used to like being patted and would fret let alone trying to cuddle her.. however after being persistent and learning about dog massage we now have one relaxed blue heeler that has cuddles every night! We knew she had come so far when we could mow our lawn without the lawn mower being attacked! We are very thankful to have found bark busters because our fur baby is growing into a mature pup who we no longer get frustrated at and shower her with nothing but happiness and love! And with the lifetime support we know they are only a call away if any new issues arise. Thank you Jane!

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Carly | Angle Vale

October-16-2018 Bark busters rating

No words can describe how much Jane from Bark busters has helped us. We were under the impression that our blue heeler would be 'easy to train' however it turned out that she was just too smart for her own boots and was very good at controlling her owners! We had moved 3 houses in 6 months and during this time it had impacted Indy in many ways. Jane put into place exercises, tips and tricks in order to control Indy's nuisance barking, jumping on visitors, loose lead walking, recall, controlling her energy levels (who knew diet had SO much to do with how she behaved), roaming and not settling down inside, digging, chasing bikes and lawn mowers plus much more. Indy never used to like being patted and would fret let alone trying to cuddle her.. however after being persistent and learning about dog massage we now have one relaxed blue heeler that has cuddles every night! We knew she had come so far when we could mow our lawn without the lawn mower being attacked! We are very thankful to have found bark busters because our fur baby is growing into a mature pup who we no longer get frustrated at and shower her with nothing but happiness and love! And with the lifetime support we know they are only a call away if any new issues arise. Thank you Jane!

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Kaye | Goolwa

October-13-2018 Bark busters rating

This is the second time I have used bark busters. First time 15 years ago with a staffy x, 1 session and walked well. Tried all the tricks learnt then with Connor a Kelpie, but no luck. Jane came and we discussed his particular issues and started with the collar and there was improvement but he was still very headstrong. She came back a couple of weeks later with the harness and OMG, totally different dog to walk. We had also discussed diet and made some changes to include more natural products. The calming changes have been remarkable and he is now a healthy weight and his coat is amazing. Jane's easy to talk to attitude and ability to come up with ideas to help with behavioral issues was appreciated. She treated Connor as an individual case and used her experience to come up with with suggestions. Thanks Jane, we are a happier family.

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Ashlee | Christies Beach

October-06-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane was so helpful. Kevin, being a puppy was such a handful. Jumping on everyone, running out the door when people arrived. But Jane taught us how to keep Kevin calm and how to keep us in control of him. Kevin is a different dog now!

Jumping upRecallPuppy management

Ashley | Bellevue heights

October-04-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane certainly had her work cut out for her with Barry the Blue Heeler. We had massive issues with jumping at people, barking constantly, begging while we eat, generally just running the house- not us. Walking on the lead was a nightmare with him pulling and lunging at any car that drives past. By the end of the first session he was a changed dog and we worked really hard at re establishing the hierarchy! Barrys not a fan!!! Hes still got a way to go but the improvements so far have changed our lives and we can see that we do have a great dog!!! Walking on the lead is still far from perfect but is certainly better and is now our big focus. We can't possibly thank Jane enough for all her help, tips and teaching us to 'speak dog'.

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Zara | Parkside

October-02-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane was so helpful. We could not believe how quickly and easily we saw a change in our puppy's behaviour. His barking stopped within 2 days of implementing Jane's training methods and has improved greatly at attentive walking on a leash. Jane also gave us plenty of tips on other minor issues which we will be sure to try. The techniques have been easy to understand and inplement. Money well spent! Thank you, Jane.


Bec | North Brighton

September-09-2018 Bark busters rating

This was our second session with Jane (first one was 3 years ago) we were having some behavioural issues with our keloid Rosie. Jane had her sorted and boundaries put in place within 30 minutes of our refresher visit. Thank you!!!!

HyperactivityJumping up

Chey | Adelaide

September-03-2018 Bark busters rating

Alfie used to pull on the lead and jump on people when he was too excitable. Now he's like a different dog! Jane was so helpful and knew exactly how to help him. Now he walks calmly and doesn't jump on anyone.

Jumping upPulling

P | Prospect

September-02-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane did an amazing job with my puppy's separation anxiety. River would bark and scratch at the door whenever left alone and all my research was not working, eg a filled kong, toys, music, leaving her for seconds at a time. I really had no idea what to do so called Jane and she fixed it in less than a minute. Easily. Jane listened to my questions and concerns and her advice was practical, common sense and very helpful. I had paid for another positive treat based dog trainer for help but was left with no instruction or demonstration concerning my problems. There are so many different schools of thought in dog training that I was getting very confused. I completely understand that treat based training would work for some people and their dogs but it wasn't working for me. It was also fascinating to see how differently my puppy acted around Jane. A perfect sweet angel. But as soon as Jane left there was a definite lack of respect which tells me I'm the problem! I am working on would be great if Jane lived with me....😊 Thanks so much Jane, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Jumping upRecallSeparation anxietyPuppy management

CALLUM | Belair

September-01-2018 Bark busters rating

I have found Jane really helpful. Her training has really made a difference with Lennon. Jane has a way of giving advice in a way that is easy to understand. It was definitely worth it. I can't recommend her enough.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Alex | Aberfoyle Park

August-31-2018 Bark busters rating

Thankyou Jane for all your advice. Walking has become so much more enjoyable and we feel confident taking Paddy places knowing that we have control and can manage his behaviour. Your advice about setting boundaries in the home is helping as Paddy rarely ventures into the kitchen now.

PullingPuppy management

Tom | Adelaide

August-19-2018 Bark busters rating

Our girls were beginning to develop bad habits around the house, inside and out, and frustrate my partner and I. Jane's training was simple to follow, used firm vocal techniques, quick for the dogs to learn, and lowered our stress levels considerably! Jane was friendly and approachable, and the follow up service and support is definitely worth the upfront investment. I would highly recommend Jane and Bark Busters for any dog training needs!

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Alice | Adelaide Hills

August-15-2018 Bark busters rating

Thanks so much, Jane. It was great to have you back and we were so lucky you covered our new juridiction, as we had so much success with you when Diesel was a pup. Again today your training and tips were invaluable and reassuring, so we can now be confident we will all settle nicely in our new environment. Bark Busters rock. 🐕


Alice | Adelaide Hills

August-14-2018 Bark busters rating

Thanks so much, Jane. It was great to have you back after 4 years and we were so lucky you covered our new juridiction, as we had so much success with you when Diesel was a pup. Again today your training and tips were invaluable and reassuring, so we can now be confident we will all settle nicely in our new environment. Bark Busters rock. 🐕


Stuart | Adelaide

August-12-2018 Bark busters rating

Thanks Jane, you did a brilliant job training me to be a better walking companion for my excitable two year old Labrador Max. Your easy to follow methods ensures I keep Max focused transforming walking into an enjoyable exercise for both of us as opposed to me being pulled along behind him. Brilliant.


Emma | Adelaide

July-01-2018 Bark busters rating

Highly recommend, Jane was super helpful in training myself. Never having had a big dog before I certainly was out of my depth. Jane and the Bark Busters advice was extremely helpful in walking on lead, jumping, and overall ensuring I maintained control. Whenever required Jane is happy to come out and offer some helpful tips to get us back on track. Thank you Jane and Bark Busters, Chester and I appreciate your training and support.

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Denise | Thorngate

June-26-2018 Bark busters rating

We had tried a few different dog training schools and different collars and leads but nothing was helping with Toby pulling on the lead. Then we met Jane and after 1 session there was an enormous change and a little training each day, we are now able to enjoy our walks with our much loved golden retriever. Thanks Jane


Tamara | Prospect

June-11-2018 Bark busters rating

Beautiful Jane has completely changed our lives! Within the first session, Sage and I were transformed. Jane is the most non judgmental, gentle, kind woman who guides you through easy to understand practices that put you as the leader of the pack and give you a much deeper understanding of how and why our fur babies behave the way they do. If you are considering any form of training, I encourage you to call Bark Busters, it will be the best decision you make when it comes to your precious loved one! Sage and I will be forever appreciative of Jane, her kindness and expertise! Thank you Jane, Big love to you always. Tamara and Sage xo


Genevieve | Walkley Heights

May-27-2018 Bark busters rating

Fantastic experience Jane is wonderful she has obviously the dog whisperer in her Abby responds very well with her. Jane's methods are calm and caring. Jane is gentle and supportive. We would highly recommend her.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upToileting

Lauren | Flagstaff Hill

May-26-2018 Bark busters rating

Where do we begin? After an incident with Beau we decided to look for support and because of your lifetime guarantee and reviews we chose Bark Busters and by all means Jane did not disappoint. She helped my partner and I get on the same page in regards to behaviour management and by simply putting in basic strategies our lives have changed!! We can now enjoy walks with our dogs and have confidence in our beautiful pups. She has taught us how to enforce strategies for pulling, jumping, aggression and barking. Not only has she helped us, but our pups our also at more peace. I will continue to highly recommend Jane and I have no doubt she is only a call away when we need her.

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Victoria | SEATON

May-01-2018 Bark busters rating

Jane helped me with my 6 month old puppy ! I can now walk her easily WITH a pram and she's much more pleasant to play with and be around. Jane also helped with our jumping issue and the over all basics of having a dog !! Jane is amazing !!! Thank you!!!

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Betty | Aberfoyle Park

February-03-2018 Bark busters rating

Thank you Jane for teaching us the procedures for controlling our dog Jack's barking issues at the front door when visitor's arrive and while out walking. He has had eight years of bad habits to overcome but with practice and persistence we are seeing a difference in his behaviour and we feel confident that we have the tools now to keep going with his training. We know we can call upon you at any time for advice so we are well on the way to improving things around our home.



October-22-2017 Bark busters rating

Jane has worked wonders to help us with our husky Zoltan. We are learning how to help him understand us. We still have a bit to go but what a different dog we are dealing with already. Our household is so much more calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone experiences any issues with their four legged family members. Our only regret is not contacting Jane earlier. Thank you

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Laura | Gawler

October-22-2017 Bark busters rating

Poh is our 1 year old Border Collie who reacts very aggressively towards other dogs. From a young age we tried many avenues before Bark Busters and nothing was working. Jane helped us with some simple changes that has allowed him to be less anxious around other dogs. We can now walk loose lead with him and although we are still working on keeping him calm around other dogs, we now have the tools and knowledge to tackle this. I would highly recommend Bark Busters (Jane) to anyone who is having issues!


Bronwyn | Gawler

October-22-2017 Bark busters rating

I contacted BB to help us with our 2 grand puppies that live with us along with our 2 daughters and their partners. We had extreme opposites in our household Obi the shy and timid kelpie and Poh the pack leader border collie who was reactive and unpredictable. Jane came with complete confidence that she had the tools to help us keep calm in our house. From the first session the change was obvious and both dogs have only gone from strength to strength, Poh is calmer and less reactive, his on lead work is faultless and Obi is more responsive and more confident. Jane has educated us all, as I'm sure it was daunting meeting all 8 of us on the first visit, but your patience, caring and advice on how to speak dog has been a blessing. Thankyou for all your tips and support along the way, everyone deserves to get the best from their pet and you have taught us all how to do that.

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Phill | Ohalloran hill

October-15-2017 Bark busters rating

We only a few you lessons you could already tell how quick Tex picked up on the training. Jane is very supportive and teaches you so much about your best friend and how to pick up on habits.

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Sammi | Christies Beach

October-10-2017 Bark busters rating

Jane provided an excellent first training session with my somewhat stubborn chihuahua/pomeranian cross Chester. I was impressed with how quickly Chester learnt to understand his traning. Jane provided gentle but firm guidance and taught me how to communicate with Chester in a way he understands. I look forward to our next training session and continuing to improve my communication and relationship with my much loved Chester.

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Toni | Port Noarlunga South

September-01-2017 Bark busters rating

Wow. Our first day of training with Jane and our boisterous puppy is the best behaved that we have experienced in the 9 months we have had him. My sceptic husband had to eat humble pie at the results. We have our homework to do but look forward to a positive future for us and our puppy.

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Toni | Port Noarlunga South

August-31-2017 Bark busters rating

Wow. Our first day of training with Jane and our boisterous puppy is the best behaved that we have experienced in the 9 months we have had him. My sceptic husband had to eat humble pie at the results. We have our homework to do but look forward to a positive future for us and our puppy.

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Brooke | Gawler

July-22-2017 Bark busters rating

Our two beagle puppies were very poorly behaved, in particular one of them had a barking issue so bad we couldn't leave him home alone. During our first session Jane helped us correct this and we haven't had a problem since. Jane has also helped with many of the other less desirable habits our two pups had formed and as a result of the bark busters training method, we now have much calmer, more affectionate and obedient dogs.

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Aaron | Brompton

January-13-2017 Bark busters rating

What can I say? I described my issues with Jane and she gave me reassurance! I felt confident after my session. She showed me simple techniques to make walking my dog more controlled, calm and easy. I was walking him without a leash in my hand in public (controlled environment of course) It was unbelievable! He was more calm with visitors coming and going. I look forward to keeping this training up over the next few weeks. Jane also booked in to see me in a few weeks to see how everything is going. Sometimes Nero stays with my parents in Port Pirie. Jane was more than happy to pass on her details to my parents so they could get advice and if Jane was ever in Port Pirie, she would see Nero if required. Service, knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none. Knowing Jane has a Labradoodle and Spoodle, where Nero is a Cavoodle, just felt personalised that she knows how to deal with my breed.

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Kinga | Hallett Cove

November-16-2016 Bark busters rating

Jane is amazing! I thought my dog was crazy with everyone but she was so obedient with Jane from the get go and Jane taught me how Mika can be obiedient while around others. Jane was there when and where I needed her: inside the house, out on the street, at the beach etc. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who has trouble with their dog, the key, though, is to be consistent and Jane teaches you everything you need to know.

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Jean | Willaston

October-30-2016 Bark busters rating

My little chihuahua, has greatly improved from Jayne's first visit in June, she has understood the anxiety of this little girl after being rescued by me from sad circumstances. Having never had a small dog before, I have also needed training, Jayne has put me on the right track with a smile on her face. I would certainly recommend Bark Busters and in particular Jayne to my friends and family. Jayne is a very pleasant and patient person.

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Nisha | Adelaide

October-04-2016 Bark busters rating

The one on one training was invaluable. The attention to detail in terms of recognizing Teddy's behaviour/personality was immediate. He was barking incessantly as soon as he was placed outside the house with constant scratching at the door. Within 10 minutes Jane not only got Teddy to stop this behaviour but also trained me to train my puppy with positive reinforcement and letting Teddy know when his behaviour was not appropriate through changing my tone of voice, body language and timing of commands. Teddy is a husky and these breeds are notorious for being highly intelligent but stubborn at the same time. Jane's training session ensured that he learnt to behave both at home and in public (eg: when walking him on the lead). I have already recommended bark-busters to my friends and can't praise Jane highly enough. Sessions were regular; And every single session was successful - amazing value for money! Who needs puppy school when the training can happen at the comfort of your own home! Thank you Jane for making my Teddy even more special than he already was :)

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